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The 12D² Walk

Hey Savonians
I am so excited to finally tell you guys that I am hosting a fundraiser which is The 12D² Walk on Saturday, September 4, 2021, at 7 am. The walk will be live on Facebook and Instagram that day. I will walk 12 miles on that day to raise 25,000 to secure the location, equipment, supplies, and raw materials needed to produce more products. I have been training for this event for some months now. There will be future posts on my training and progress on the walk. I ask just three things from you that you please take the time to read my story at Please also find it in your heart to pledge and share this with all your family and friends. This means so much to me and my business. Thank you in advance for your help, support, and prayers
Be blessed
Danielle Ezzard

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